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UPVC Door Locks

Here at Morgans Locksmiths in Leicestershire, in addition to our standard locksmith services, we are also trained and qualified to provide a range of services for UPVC locksmiths.

From installing new locking systems to repairing existing locks, whatever your requirements, our skilled team are on hand to ensure your UPVC doors (and windows) are operating as they should be, keeping your home or commercial property safe and secure.


Why UPVC Locks?

There are many different aspects to a UPVC door that means it is important to choose a specialist team to provide any installation, maintenance or repairs that your require:

  • The locking mechanism inside the door can have different styles of locking features, for example: roller cams/mushroom cams, shoot bolts, hook bolts and dead bolts. There are many different manufacturers and types of lock, and many older ones have been discontinued.

We carry a wide selection in our Leicester store, however, if we have not got one we can usually get one within a couple of days. If the lock is discontinued we have a lot of experience in finding you the nearest replacement.

  • With the cylinder that drives the locking mechanism: there are things to consider if you are looking to replace the cylinder due to loss of keys, enhancing your current security solution or failure.

To speak to our friendly, professional team about our UPVC door lock services in Leicester and surrounding areas, please call 01162 440338, or send an email to Alternatively, you can leave us a message using the online contact form.


Supply and Installation

At our door lock showroom in Leicester, we stock and supply a full variety of UPVC door locks to suit a range of needs.

If you’re not sure what kind of UPVC door lock you require, our team are available to assist based on your requirements. Here are a few things to consider when sourcing your UPVC door lock:


1) What level of security do you require?

The following security levels can include different barriers I.E. Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Snap/Snap Safe, Anti Drill, Crush Zones and Cylinder Movement Restrictors.

  • Standard 5/6 Pin Cylinder
  • TS007 1* rated 6/7 Pin Cylinder
  • TS007 3* rated 6/7 Pin Cylinder (currently the highest rated cylinder range)


2) Do you require key registration?

Key registration means that people cannot get keys duplicated without the correct authorisation and in most cases, a security card would also be required, this is ideal if you have people visit your property e.g. Gardener or Cleaners, or it is a business premises.


3) Do you want to have 1 key to fit all your locks in the future?

This means that gradually or all at once locks can be made to work from one key cutting down the number of keys in your pocket and making it easier.

For business or large residential dwellings, a Master Suite can incorporate this type of lock. If you require any further information or help with your UPVC door lock please visit our showroom or call us to speak with one of our experienced staff who will be happy to assist you.

There are many manufacturers and variations of lock for UPVC doors - we recommend that you come into our Leicester locksmiths store so that we can identify and supply the correct lock to suit your needs. We will make sure to avoid wasting your time and effort and are happy to help.

If you are unable to remove the lock system please give us a call us and we will send out one of our qualified team of lock engineers.


UPVC Door Lock Repairs in Leicestershire

Our Leicester locksmiths are also on hand to help if you have lost the key to your UPVC door lock, or it has broken.

We understand that accidents happen at any time of day or night, which is why we can provide a 24hr call out service to offer the solution.

If your UPVC door lock is damaged, our team are skilled and experienced and aim to have your problem solved as soon as possible. Our UPVC door lock repairs are available across Leicestershire and surrounding areas.


Need a UPVC Door Locksmith in Leicester or Loughborough? Contact Morgans Locksmiths Today

For UPVC door lock services in Leicester, get in touch with Morgans Locksmiths to let us know of your needs.

To speak to us directly, please call 01162 440338. You can also send an email to or leave a message using the online contact form.



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