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Safes in Leicester

Morgans Locksmiths' stock of safes caters for both domestic and commercial applications, and we provide these products to customers based across the Leicester and Loughborough area. There is a wide range of different applications a safe can be used for. Below you will find information on the different types of safes and what each safe is designed for.

Free Standing Safes

Standard safes would have a single key lock with the option (in most cases) of an electronic lock. These safes are available with a wide range of options and various lock styles, a mechanical/digital combination or a biometric (fingerprint) lock instead. Depending on the size of the safes these will come with a shelf or multiple shelves, to give you the option of split level storage. Some of these safes have a fire rating from 30mins to 1 hour, and most are designed to secure to the base and the back. The nice thing about freestanding safes is that if you want to change its location, you are able to so.

Under Floor Safes

These safes offer a great level of security as they are hidden (only you know where it is). However this style of safe is not always the most convenient as they are concreted in to the floor.

Fire Resistant Safes

These safes have 2 rating to take note of:

  • Overnight Cash Rating
  • Independent Fire Rating

There are also 2 options to take note of:

  • Fire Resistance For Paper
  • Fire Resistance For Data (Computer Disc's, Computers etc.

These two options can be combined from certain manufacturers.

Fire ratings range from 30 Mins to 3Hrs depending on make and model. The cash rating on these safes are limited because of the construction of the safe, also a point to remember is that not all the fire safes are able to be fixed down to the ground securely. Most safes in this range are available with a key lock, digital combination lock or biometric fingerprint lock.

Wall Safes

These safes are very much like the underfloor safes in the way they are hidden so only you know where they are. However the advantage to a wall safe is you don't have to bend down when going into the safe.

All safes have now got ratings and are classified by the overnight cash rating that the particular safe has been given by independent insurance testing companies. The cash ratings range from £1,000.00 through to £150,000.000 going up in blocks. Below a £6,000.00 cash rated safe the construction will vary, anything above £6,000.00 are classified as Euro Grades, all these safes are made to the same specification, they are just designed differently and look cosmetically different. Some safes have a fire rating.

If you are interested in purchasing a safe it is advisable to visit our extensive showroom, doing this will give you a more accurate idea of safe sizes etc. Another good idea prior to your visit is to take the measurement of the larger articles you are going to place in the safe so as to make sure they will fit, this will also narrow down our search for you. We also offer a fitting service where one of our trained engineers will visit and install the safe to the manufacturers standard.

Covering Lutterworth

For further information on any of these products please contact us or visit our showroom in Leicester, conveniently located for customers from Leicester, Loughborough and further afield.

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